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Hello and Welcome to “Marinoushka” !

My name is Marion, I created this blog “Il était une maille” in march 2015 at the end of my first stay in Toronto because I wanted to share my passion about DIY and knitting in particular. Because I love crafting, as far as I can remember, I always wanted to create something: to paint, do scrapbooking, sew, knitting… I tried it all (or almost)!

Since the creation of the blog, It evoluted a lot, because I wanted to write about other subjects, other forms of DIY, about sports, travels, share thoughts, share what make me angry, what I love…

So this blog’s name changed in November 2018 and became bilingual un December 2018. I explained the reason for the name change in an article (French only, sorry) and I now welcome you on “Marinoushka”.

Marinoushka is a “Lifestyle” blog, a pretty generic category to me that allows me to write on pretty much anything I want. Travels, DIY, Thougths, Fashion, Sports… My desires, my projects are my source of inspiration for that blog and what make me want to write!

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If I do a sponsored post, it will be clearly mentioned in the post. If you are interested by having a partnership with me, you can write at hello(@)marinoushka.com

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