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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

A new article today, the third and last one of my serie about my last trip to the United States! This one is about an amazing city which fascinates the whole world, I mean, Las Vegas baby!

Let’s discover the crazy Las Vegas!

Las Vegas or Excess personified!

This trip marked my first time in the American West and therefore also in Las Vegas. And what a discovery!

I could not wait to see Las Vegas, it’s a city that has fascinated me for a long time. I wanted to see for myself its madness, its excessiveness and its extravagance. And I was not disappointed!

This city is a mushroom of light that grew right in the middle of the Nevada desert. A city with more crazy hotels than others and devoted to fun. Everything is done to make you forget the reality and plunge you into a magical universe out of time!

Frankly, can you imagine a city where in a few meters you can move from New York…

Un bout de New York à Las Vegas

… to Paris?

Paris s'exporte à Las Vegas

Where to visit a fairytale castle …

Le château d'Excalibur

Then take a ride in a gondola…

Gondoles du Venetian à Las Vegas

And finally say hello to the Sphinx!

Le sphinx de l'hôtel Louxor

Personally, even though I was expecting to discover incredible hotels, I was still surprised by the realism of these and their gigantism! Frankly, the hotels are on their own, the biggest attraction in the city! And what you see above, is only a small part of the delirium 😉

My top 5 not to be missed during a stay in Las Vegas!

  • Visit the STRIP: the long central avenue of Las Vegas to go discover all these hotels all crazier than each other! To visit by day, then by night to test the different atmospheres!
  • Visit the different hotels of the strip! From the outside it’s nice but some are not to be missed from inside either! I’m thinking of the pyramid-shaped Luxor Hotel, the Venetian and its indoor gondolas, and the New York New York Hotel and its alleys full of restaurants!
  • Go see one (or more) show! Las Vegas is a city of show business, there are shows at all hours of the day, for all tastes and all prices. We went to see a little by chance a French guy who does a magic show, Xavier Mortimer, and had a great time! This contributed to the experience of the city 🙂
  • Gamble (a little) at the Casino! Can not go to Las Vegas without gambling in a casino, right? I’m not telling you to spend your pay (I’m rather anti-gambling in normal times), but some machines are so funny that I wanted to test. As for example, that of the horse race below! 🙂
  • See the Bellagio Fountains show! Every 15 minutes in the evening, with different choreography and music each time (We did it at least 5 times)!
casino jeu de chevaux

It’s a non-exhaustive list of activities to do in Las Vegas of course! For lack of time, for example, we did not go shopping in the outlets, nor walk on Freemont Street, or swim in a hotel pool 😉 But it still was an incredible trip!

Grande roue Las Vegas

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Have you been to Las Vegas? If so, what did you think? If no, does that tempt you?

À bientôt ❤️


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