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Love at first sight ❤️

On November 19, 2019, I discovered love at first sight. I met my daughter ❤ After a little over 8 months in my belly, we finally could discover the face of our baby and frankly, it was even stronger than anything I could imagine!

The birth of my daughter: an instant love story

Imagine what it will be like for months…

My hubby and I were lucky not to have to wait very long before a little baby came to nest in my belly. As a result, we did not even have time to think that we were going to start making a baby that she was already growing up in there.

We spent 8 months imagining what she would look like. To imagine how the birth and the first days together would be. Would she look a little more like daddy or a little more like mommy? Was I going to have a hard time giving birth (which terrified me) or would it be better than I thought?

The thing about pregnancy is that you do not know anything in advance. We discover everything from day to day, we can only wait to see and hope that everything goes well. Not easy for people like me who like to know what will happen to them 😅

Nevertheless, I was sure of one thing, this baby I already loved her very very much and I will love her with all my heart when she will be there. And yet…

And still, have no idea of what’s happening…

And yet, I was not ready for this wave of love that invaded me when I had her in my arms for the first time ❤️

Me, who was afraid of giving birth, I was so so calm during the majority of the work (do not get carried away, It hurt like crazy), I was hyper serene the majority of the time. I let myself be carried away by the advice of my medical team and it made the experience so much more positive than I had imagined.

Me, who was afraid of being disgusted by her appearance at birth (covered with vernix and blood), I completely ignored when François put her on me (yes yes, dad caught his daughter at the exit!). She was dirty, sticky? Who cares! At that moment, my only thought was to tell me that finally (finally!), She was there, in my arms, and that she was even more wonderful than I had imagined!

I spent the next few hours (before I collapsed with fatigue) observing her from every angle. Trying to realize, it is I who made this lovely baby (with a little help from the daddy 😉 )? Almost 2 weeks later, I still do not realize at a 100% honestly 🙂

For almost 2 weeks now, my heart has been swollen with love for this little being who now fills my days. My little kitten as I call her because I love it when she curls up against my chest to sleep ❤️

In short, I’m gaga and I assume 200%!

Love and cuddles - Marinoushka
Cuddling time with my baby girl 🥰

The beginning of the biggest adventure of my life!

It is now the beginning of the greatest adventure of my (our) life. My husband and I are now responsible for a little person. Heavy responsibility but which, I know, will bring us so much happiness. It already brings us so much happiness and it’s just the beginning ❤️

And you, what did you feel when you first met your baby?🙂

À bientôt ❤️


Love at first sight - Marinoushka

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