A Christmas story: our first Christmas in Canada

Christmas is officially over! Today is December 27th, and this was my first Christmas in Canada with my husband 🇨🇦

A first Christmas in Canada, so how is that?

A weird moment between joy and melancholia

My husband and I arrived in Toronto on November 1st. As we had to find jobs, we knew we couldn’t go back to France fro Christmas this year, it was too soon.

I love Christmas time, it’s my favourite time of the year. I love the amination in the streets, in the cafés, the stores. There are lights everywhere, christmas trees, it’s bright and shiny and people are happier. I love to go christmas presents hunting to find THE gift that will make my family happy. I love spending Christmas eve and day with my family, eating nice meals and spending quality time with loved ones.

So, not having half of that this year, well it was a bit hard. I missed my family a lot this year and our Christmas habits. This Christmas was very different, we were not only just the two of us but also I had no one (almost) to shop for, and we were in another country where we couldN,t eat our usual Christmas food.

However, I was still happy to spend this first Christmas for my love, we were happy to get a chance to create our own habits. And still, even without my family, I still love Christmas time, wherever it’s in Paris, Lille.. or Toronto! So this Christmas was a weird mix between joy and melancholia.

Marion Nguyen Meunier - Marion

All new habits to create

As we were just the two of us, we didn’t really have any ‘Christmas traditions’. All was new, all was yet to create. We could choose between trying to do ‘like at home’ or choose to create our own habits.

We choose not to try to do ‘like it was in France’. First because, we didn’t choose to come live in Canada to have exactly the same life than in France. But also because, French food is so expensive here!

So, first thing that was different: we put a real tree! A pretty, big, real Christmas tree. We also decided to buy each other more than one present so the tree bottom would feel too empty 😉 And finally, we spent a looot of time choosing what we would eat on Christmas eve, trying to put some canadian touches in the menu!

Finally, 2 sweet days just the two of us

As I said, this Christmas was very different, no running around to be on time, to have enough time to buy all the presents, to see everyone in a short period of time…

Here, contrary to France, both the 25th and the 26th are holidays, in France it’s only the 25th. Plus I took the 24th afternoon off to have time to cook for the evening dinner. So, the rythm this year was a lot slower, more tranquil and quiet. We took our time on the 24th to cook, and we spent most of Christmas day and Boxing day sleeping, watching tv shows and eating cookies! ^^

Whoever usually cook our Christmas meals, has now our eternal recognition for doing that every year! It was fun to prepare the Chrsitmas dinner but oh so long! Neither my husband nor I were readdy to spend that much time in the kitchen 😂

We enjoyed our 2 days alone at home, it was very nice! But Christmas is a time for family, so we hope we don’t have to spend all of our future Christmas just the two of us and be able to go and see the family sometime or that our families will be able to come to Toronto at some point 😉

Joyeux Noël ! or Merry Christmas if you prefer! 😉

A bientôt !


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