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My objectives for 2019!

Happy New Year 2019 ! Or Bonne annéee as we say in France 😉 Today, I’ll tell you about my new year resolutions for 2019 or as I prefer to say, my objectives for the new year!

My objectives for this new year!

Apparently to be able to keep on your new years resolutions, you have to write them and make them public (a.k.a share them with your close ones). It will make us accountable for it, we would keep our resolutions better because we talked about it and we would’t want to disappoint (or make a fool of us) our close ones. Maybe it’s true for you, maybe not. Anyways, I decided to give this theory a chance and to list you MY resolutions for 2019 or the OBJECTIVES that I want to reach this year!

#1: Do more sports

I must confess, I didn’t do much sports in 2018! I maybe did max 5 workouts during the whole year and… my body made me realise it!!! On my weight for sure, but also because doing sports is a way to releash tensions, to relax. That’s why I decided to take action and to get a membership in a fitness club !

Objective 2019: Go there at least 1-2 times a week!

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#2: Relax

I’m a nervous person, very nervous, too nervous. 2018 was a very stressful year for me, I had a lot of big projects: my wedding, get my diploma, move to Canada… In 2019, I hope to learn how to relax, be more calm or at least learn to manage my nervousness and my anxiety!

Objective 2019: Not stress as much, less let my emotions control me when I get nervous!

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#3: Find my professional path

In 2018, I obtained a new, more specialized degree in web project management and web development. I acquired new skills but I have not yet fully found my way professionally. The prerequisites for the type of work I like to do in Canada are different from France, job titles are different too, some jobs are less developed, others more, in short, I need to take a few weeks during this beginning of year to think about my career goals and find out what I want to do with my life 🙂

Objective 2019: Find my professional path!

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#4: Develop this blog

In 2018, my blog was a little abandoned. I did not take the time to take care of it and yet, I love this blog, it’s my baby, my space, my personal project. At the end of the year, I revived it by changing the theme, changing the name of the blog and making it bilingual. In 2019, I aspire to better take care of it, make it more “pro”, write more often and better!

Objective 2019: A blog more “pro”

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#5: Gain self-confidence

You know the impostor syndrome? It’s all me, I never feel that whatever I do is good enough, interesting enough, has value. My family, especially my parents, are fervent supporters of my cause, always telling me that they find what I do great, wonderful and more. Without wanting to get big-headed, I would like to know how to value their compliments, to learn to believe in my ideas, my projects and in me. This is probably my biggest goal of the year because it is unfortunately not a change that can happen in a few days …

Objective 2019: Learn to believe in myself and my ideas!

And… That’s all! And it’s already enough, to be sure to keep on the resolutions, better not take too many. After all, it better not becomes stressful when one of my objectives is exactly to stop stressing 😂

À bientôt ! ❤


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