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So… is it a boy or a girl?

If I had to choose a question that got asked quite (very very) often since we announced publicly my pregnancy, It’s this one. So, it is a boy or a girl?

Boy or Girl, does it matter?

Not at all for me! Honestly, before going to do the ultrasound, I didn`t care at all if this baby was a boy or a girl. All that mattered was that my baby was healthy and growing well in there.

I was still very very very curious to know. Because I really don’t like not knowing what will happen to me (I know, this doesn’t do well with being pregnant lol). But that secret, knowing if my little peanut was a baby boy or a baby girl was way too much to bear for me 😅

I was quite ok until we booked our appointment for the second-trimester ultrasound. After, the days seemed to stretch way too long until the D day!

And, of course, this ultrasound couldn’t happen easily! Our baby decided that it was the day to show us it’s flipping capabilities! Impossible to take any photo easily!

So, when the lady told us the gender, I was quite unsure! ^^ We had to do the ultrasound again about 2 weeks later when the baby was way calmer, even a bit to calm, anyway, I got my confirmation at least! So, verdict, is it a boy or a girl?

So… what is it?

Marinoushka blog - boy or girl

This photo says everything! It’s a little girl that will arrive to grow our family in December (or before if she is in a hurry 😉 ).

Sorry friends who all bet it would be a baby boy, my mom won the gender bet as she was the only one to think it would be a girl! 😀

You can now start new bets on the names we will give her! (And that we’ll keep a secret until the birth!) 🙂

Marinoushka blog - boy or girl

À bientôt ❤️


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Photo credit: Main image by Marc Leos on Pixabay

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