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A long weekend in Montreal for Canada day!

We talk travelling today, it’s been a while 😉 I’ll talk to you about the pretty city of Montreal I had the chance to visit again during the long week-end for Canada day!

Let’s (re-) discover Montreal!

Montreal is the second most populated town of Canada (according to the latest census). Located on the Island of Montreal, on the Saint-Laurent river in southern Quebec, whose Montreal is the biggest city. It’s also the biggest French-speaking city in North America.

The neighbourhood you don’t want to miss: Old Montreal

Old Montreal is one of the city’s neighbourhoods, it is located in the city center near the harbour and the banks of the St. Lawrence River. It is undoubtedly my favourite district of the city with hints of old European cities.

This is a nice old-fashioned neighbourhood, very touristy of course but not to be missed! Located near the river, it is also close to the old port and it makes for a pleasant walk 🙂

Montreal Town Hall

The Mount Royal and the amazing view over the city

Another point not to miss in Montreal: Mount Royal!

Don’t forget to climb up there! Walking for the most courageous thanks to the nice trail paths or by bus for people a little less fit or pregnant women (like me 😛) or lazy potatoes but shush! 🤫

The view from above is really appreciable, a very wide panorama will be waiting for you from the different lookouts.

A very nice parenthesis of green nature in the middle of the city!

View from the Mount Royal

Montreal, a city of streetart too!

If you follow me on social networks, you may have noticed that I really like street art so common in North America.

Montreal is no exception and there are beautiful murals like this one! Why not indulge in strolling around the city in search of the most beautiful fresco? 😉


And even more…

Montreal is all that and so much more, of course! It’s one of the biggest cities, so there’s plenty to see and do 😁

If you have a little more time, I also advise you to go see …

The Olympic site!

The city hosted the 1976 Summer Olympics and the main stadium is still visible and can be visited.

An observatory is located at the top of the tower and events are regularly organized on the forecourt of the stadium and inside. 🏅

Olympic site in Montreal

Wander the Village 🏳️‍🌈

A.k.a the gay neighbourhood of the city where you will see garland installations that you have probably already seen on Instagram 😉

The Village

Enjoy the numerous festivals happening in town during the year!

During our last visit, it was the Montreal Jazz Festival. A free festival open to all music lovers 🎶

You can get the cultural events calendar (in French) on the website of the city of Montreal.

TD stage at Montreal Jazz Festival

À bientôt ❤️


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A long weekend in Montreal

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