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3 things to do in Philadelphia!

The third Monday of February in Canada is a Holiday: Family day. We took advantage of having a long weekend to get out of the city and visit some family in Philadelphia, USA (perfect for Family day right? 😉). So today, I’m telling you about THREE (3) things to do in Philadelphia! ☺️

3 ideas of occupations in Philadelphia

1# If you discover a city by its food: go to Reading Terminal Market

The Reading Terminal Market is a food market located on the 12th Street in Philadelphia. It reminded me of St Lawrence Market in Toronto but I feel like going there is a lot more about eating than shopping for groceries.

Anyway, it was the perfect place to have a nice moment, visit another historical place of the city and eat Philly’s famous Cheesesteak!

2# If you love discovering the history of a city: visit the National Convention Center and more

Philadelphia, or Philly for the locals, is the birthplace of The United States. The Declaration of Independence was written and signed inside of Independence Hall on July 4th 1776.

It’s also the location of the Liberty Bell, a great symbol of USA’s independence.

Good news is you can see both for FREE! Liberty Bell is in its own building in front of Independence Hall and will take you just a few minutes to see and appreciate.

Independence Hall is a free guided tour, very interesting even if you’re not American 😉 It’s free but in busier times you need a ticket that you can get at the National Convention Center.

Another very interesting place to visit. The building has nothing special but you learn a lot about USA’s origins and principles. It’s not free, it’s about $14.50 but worth it for me 🙂

Independence hall Philiadelphia Photo by Marinoushka
Independence hall

3# If you are more of an alternative arts lover: Magic Gardens are what you need

The third option I’m offering you is to go and see the Magic Gardens. Art pieces by Isaiah Zagar, it constitutes of several murals located around the city, indoor galeries and outdoor maze. All has been created using recycled materials and it’s very nice! It kinda reminded me a bit of Gaudi’s work in Barcelona in the spirit (but not in the materials that were used).

I would advise you to get tickets in advance as even on a cold day in February the line was very long. So long that we decided to only see the free pieces on the walls outside as we were with a baby and couldn’t wait outside too long. But still, it’s worth giving a shot!

Magic gardens Philadelphia Marinoushka

I hope you enjoyed this article and the ideas in it. Hopefully it will inspire you for a future trip to Philly 😀

À bientôt ! ❤️


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